Personalized Job Searching


  • Fill Out the Application Form

    Read the rules and charging standards, determine your desired company or expected salary, fill out the application form and submit the form information to the system.

  • Complete the Submission

    After clicking SUBMIT, the system will automatically calculate the service fee according to your expected salary. After paying a part of the fee as a deposit, the system will generate an order based on your demands.

  • One-one-One Service

    When your order is accepted, the consultant who accept your order will be in touch with you one-on-one, deeply understand your detailed requirements, evaluate your ability, develop personalized solutions for you, and finally recommend you to the right company.

  • Waiting for the Interview

    The recruitment consultant will contact the HR of the target company by using our company's connections and recommend you to the company. If you pass the resume screening by HR, the consultant will then help you arrange the time of interviews.

Our Strengths

  • Accurate Job Match

    Plentiful Consultant Resource

    We have 2000 offline consultants + 50,000 online consultants. Regardless of the job-hunting needs of any industry, we can work out solutions to accurately recommend your resume to the right company.

  • Customer Resources in Various Industries

    Ample Resource of Major Companies

    We have ample resource of well-known companies in the worldwide, which are still increasing. Our recruitment consultants will use a variety of recommendation methods to help you improve your entry efficiency according to your personalized needs.

  • Absolute Privacy and Confidentiality

    Privacy Protection Policy at the Highest Level

    We have a very strict privacy policy. Your privacy information can only be viewed by the recruitment consultant who provide you with one-on-one service. Your recruitment consultant will sign a confidentiality agreement which will guarantee you a safe application of your desired job

  • Efficient and Secure Payment Process

    Convenient, Fast, Easy

    We have a convenient and efficient payment process, and every payment will be guaranteed. The service fees will be paid in various ways according to the salary ratio. We will not charge the service fee until the candidate has successfully join the new company.


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